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How to use alcohol swab ?

     In short, the alcohol swab is the compressed disinfectant powder into flakes, which is called the alcohol swab. According to the concentration and composition of the product, the specific scope of use includes: swimming pool, drinking water disinfection, household utensils, tableware, fruits and vegetables, indoor space disinfection, garbage, toilets, septic tanks, sewage deodorization and disinfection, etc. The medical alcohol swab is made by pressing medical alcohol disinfectant and medical non-woven gauze. Scope of use:  It can be used for medical cleaning and skin disinfection;It is suitable for the disinfection of human skin, tableware and utensils, pacifiers, toys and other items;It is suitable for surface disinfection of daily household articles. Such as the wiping of fixed phones, Digimon, mouse and keyboard, etc.      

How to use mosquito repellent patch ?

    The mosquito repellent patch is a long-lasting environmentally friendly mosquito repellent product that uses natural plant cross-formulation and scientifically formulated. It uses natural anti-mosquito plant extracts combined with a polymer gel matrix, using droplet coating and constant slow release Control technology, using natural anti-mosquito plant extracts (lavender essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, citronella essential oil, etc.) as raw materials for mosquito repellent development.          Just stick the anti mosquito sticker on any part of the clothes or close to the human body to form an anti-mosquito protection circle with a diameter of 4-6 meters that can last for 12-48 hours, effectively preventing mosquitoes, and the product is green and non-toxic , Harmless, is an essential daily necessities at home.     Different from traditional products    Traditional mosquito repellent products mainly rely on DEET (DEET) ingredients, DEET is the abbreviation of the chemical name N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide or diethylmethylbenzamide (diethyl toluamide). Although DEET is currently the most mainstream mosquito repellent product, it still contains low levels of toxicity and poses a great threat to human safety. The anti-mosquito patch uses all natural plant extracts. Relying on natural plants to repel mosquitoes, without adding any toxic chemical ingredients. Safe, effective and non-toxic, it is a safe mosquito repellent product suitable for all ages! Safer, healthier and more effective!         How to use:    Tear the product packaging bag, take out the anti mosquito patch, and put it directly into your clothes pocket; or remove the adhesive film, and stick the adhesive layer on the outside of socks, underwear, or inside of jackets, trousers, etc. It can be pasted on the side of the bed, office desks, chairs, etc. The furniture is close to people. One post each time, each post can last for 72 hours (the best time is 6-8 hours, one post per day on average, the specific usage depends on the environment at the time). Do not stick to wounded skin.    

Can sports knee pads really protect the knees?

     The role of knee pads has three points: One is braking, the other is heat preservation, and the third is health care.     There is not much to say about heat preservation and health care. The knee is very susceptible to cold, and many knee joint diseases are related to cold knees. Therefore, many elderly people with poor legs and feet choose to wear knee support. But they are all medical equipment, which is very different from the sports safety products mentioned today. The main function of sports knee pads is to brake.           The knee joint is where the upper and lower leg bones meet. There is a meniscus in the middle, and there is a patella in the front. The patella is stretched by two muscles, suspended before the junction of the leg bones, which is very easy to slide.       In normal life, because it is not affected by external forces, and there is no strenuous exercise, the patella can move normally in a small range at the knee. Because exercise puts too much pressure on the knee, strenuous exercise can easily cause the patella to be retracted away from the original position, which can lead to diseases of the knee joint.       Wearing a sports knee pad can fix the patella in a relatively stable position to ensure that it is not easily injured.                   Of course, if the knee joint has been injured, it is useless to wear sports knee pads. Elastic knee support are a front action, which can ensure that your knee joints are not injured as much as possible.      After the knee joint is injured, you should seek medical attention immediately, use a knee pad with a medically heavily braked knee to reduce the bending of the knee, and maintain a straight line from the thigh to the calf. Reduce the bending of the knee joint to protect the knee joint from aggravating the condition.

What are the common breathable tapes?

     According to the different materials, we can divide the breathable tape into micropore paper tape, PE adhesive tape, silk tape and zinc oxide plaster (adhesive plaster).Micropore Paper TapeStrong adhesion, good initial adhesion and long adhesion;▶No warping, no peeling, gentle peeling, soft, no tearing of the skin;▶The bottom paper is cut linearly for easy peeling and use;▶High tensile strength, not easy to breakPE Adhesive Tape▶Micro-porous and breathable, excellent adhesion▶With matte, ultra-thin, high elasticity, not easy to warp edges▶Easy to tear without cutting, tearing without distortionSilk TapeSilk material, soft and comfortable, and good adhesion to the skin;▶Sawtooth edge design, easy to tear off, convenient and applicable;▶Good air permeability.Zinc Oxide Plaster (Adhesive Plaster) Has astringent, moisturizing and protective effects on the skin▶Full of stickiness, easy to tear and stick without residual glue▶Strong air permeability, low sensitization

Why do we use pocket pill case in our daily life ?

    The portable pill case is a personal health care product that has emerged with the continuous improvement of people's health concepts and changes in lifestyle and pace of life. As more and more people are in a sub-health state, the elderly population has increased dramatically and the proportion of people suffering from senile diseases (hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc.) is getting higher and higher. Therefore, long-term use of medicines and health care Products have become a habit and way of life for many people.     Portable type: The amount of medicine is generally small, and the medicine pill box part can store the amount of medicine for 1-3 days. It is small or moderate in size and can be installed in briefcases, backpacks, handbags, pockets, etc. It is convenient to carry out and is suitable for those who often and short-term It is used by business people who go out, office workers, and elderly people who often go out for activities.     Portable (concise) type: The original intention of the portable type is generally based on two considerations: 1. Those who have a perfect need for portability, do not consider the amount of medicine; 2. Have a persistent pursuit of the appearance and shape of the product, the medicine box It is also a must-have health product. The portable pill box is small in size and can be easily put in a pocket or hung on a key chain, etc. It has a stylish and beautiful appearance-take it out at hand, and it must be a perfect addition to your personal taste of life.    Precautions for purchase: The medicine box is a container for distributing and storing medicine. The medicine will be imported at the end, so you must know the material of the medicine storage part: Generally, the medicine storage box is mainly made of PP plastic, and some are made of ABS plastic, whether it is PP or ABS. They are divided into industrial grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade. Remind that the material of the pill box storage box must be food grade or above PP (or ABS) to prevent the disease from entering the mouth.

What is the function of Fever Cooling Patch ?

     Physically reduce fever and lower local blood temperature.     The Fever Cooling Patch is a physical way to reduce fever. It is currently the easiest and safest way to reduce fever in clinical use. It can also be used in the family.     The Fever Cooling Patch uses the special physical properties of the material to reduce the temperature of blood in the local human blood vessels to reduce fever. It can be used for the treatment of fever caused by various reasons for various people, including infants and young children.      The Fever Cooling Patch can be used for both low-grade and high-grade fevers, and it can also be used by the elderly, the frail and sick, or people with severe liver and kidney function damage. It is recommended to stick the cooling patch on the surface of the body where there are more blood vessels, such as the forehead, both sides of the neck, armpits, groin, etc., to better reduce fever.

What is the difference between mercury free thermometer and mercury thermometer ?

      Mercury is listed by the United Nations as one of the top ten chemicals that endanger human health and the environment.     China has joined the United Nations "Minamata Convention", and my country will start a total ban on the production and export of mercury in 2020.     As the most widely used mercury thermometer in the market, it is about to be delisted. In the face of the complex and diverse electronic thermometers, forehead thermometers, ear thermometers and the latest mercury-free glass thermometers on the market, how should families choose?     Along with our mercury thermometers for more than 20 years, they have always been simple in function, high in accuracy, and affordable, and have been loved by users. However, with the increasing impact of mercury on people’s lives, the pollution to the environment has become more and more serious. Minamata disease in Japan, mercury pollution in Guizhou, and various mercury soil and water pollution all over the world have become banned imminent.     Electronic clinical thermometers came into being. Electronic clinical thermometers are fast, convenient and suitable for people of all ages, and they are becoming more and more in the market. However, electronic clinical thermometers have shortcomings that cannot be ignored. Because electronic clinical thermometers are susceptible to electromagnetic interference, circuit aging and external temperature differences, the accuracy of measurement results is often not very high. Electronic clinical thermometers ignore the core function of clinical thermometers-measurement accuracy.      Substituting mercury materials is a key area that has been researched and explored in recent years,The emergence of mercury free thermometer can not only have the accuracy of mercury thermometers (-0.15~+0.1℃), but also solve the problem of mercury pollution hazards, retaining the core functions of the thermometer and measuring accuracy. Mercury free is the biggest advantage of good clinical thermometers, and high accuracy is the core of the product.        Mercury free thermometer is made of gallium instead of mercury, including a tube body and a temperature-sensitive bubble, the inside of the tube body is formed with capillary pores along the axial direction, and a cavity is formed inside the temperature-sensitive bubble; one end of the tube body is connected with the temperature-sensitive bubble, and the capillary is connected with the cavity; capillary pores. There is also a throat bubble formed on the throat bubble; a throat bubble is provided with a reserved spot, and a flow channel is formed between the inner wall of the throat bubble and the outer wall of the reserved spot raised; the flow area of the flow channel is smaller than the flow area of the capillary hole; and By setting the laryngeal bubble in the capillary and forming the retention point in the laryngeal bubble, the flow area of the temperature-sensitive liquid is reduced when passing through the laryngeal bubble and the retention point is raised, so that the temperature-sensitive liquid is not The reflux will occur due to the shrinkage of the temperature-sensitive liquid itself, which prevents the liquid surface of the temperature-sensitive liquid from falling in the pores, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the measurement reading.      In a word, in terms of accuracy, there is no difference between mercury free thermometer and mercury thermometer.

Do your pain relief patches supply OEM customized service ?

      Pain relief patches are a series of  medicated plaster which activating blood and relieving pain plaster, used for rheumatism, neuralgia, backache, sciatica, arthralgia, muscle pain.       Various muscle aches, shoulder and neck diseases caused by work or sports have become common diseases in people’s lives, pain relief patches have become essential products in people's life which are widely used in hospital and at home.       Our pain relief patches include chilli plaster,hot and cold patch, various of Chinese medicated plaster. Due to excellent effect, good quality and reputation, our pain relief patches are popular by the markets, besides our own brand, we also OEM for pain relief patches for many customers around the world.       So far we have supplied OEM customized service for pain relief patches for many customers especially from Asia, East Europe, Africa.

Is JOYFUL surgical tape and medical plaster manufacturer?

     Nanjing Joyful Health Medical Co., Ltd. is professional in producing and selling a variety of surgical tape and medical plaster wholesale since 1990s.      We are not only a professional surgical tape and medical plaster manufacturer, we also have our own logistics and overseas marketing team which deal with customers all over the world. In this way, we also have advanced and skilled production technology and over 20 years excellent experience in dealing with foreign trade support for our customers around the world.       As the surgical tape and medical plaster manufacturer since 1990s, our products are sold overseas and are well received by many markets and countries.      If you are just looking for surgical tape and medical plaster wholesale, welcome to feel free to contact us anytime.